Recycling construction waste

The principle of recycling of construction waste is based on the re-use of building waste, thanks to new technologies of recycling.

According to customer requirements, we are able to process building materials from demolition of buildings, roads and other buildings in the brash.

Processed material:

  • Demolish concrete, reinforced concrete
  • Bricks
  • Rosin debris- demolition material from road
  • Train stones

Individual fractions sorted from these crunches can be fully used as a replacement of natural materials in construction and other sectors:

  • building on the consolidation and stabilization circuits underlying layers
  • the modification of forest, field trips mechanical stabilization
  • entry for concreting plant material for the production of concrete of lower strength grades
  • resinous recycling - starting material for asphalt mixing plant - underlying the surface layer of resin
  • re-use of aggregates in the rail track bed lines

Recycling of construction sutí is done in two ways:

a) stationary scenario - at a recycling base Kosice - Barca
b) a mobile version - to determine the structure of building

The mobile recycling unit is moved to different positions of buildings. Use is possible in the whole territory of Slovakia, respectively abroad. The device is suitable to operate directly in landfill construction debris, the construction of large scale and under.