Company profile

The company Rail and Transport Buildings, Ltd. is the company doing business in the field of building industry, and the main orientation of which is the railways buildings and related thereof spheres of activity. From the company, established in the year 1996, has become the reliable company covering the whole territory of the Slovak Republic.

Nowadays, we have got a broad experience in the main – traditional field of doing business, and it is new buildings and reconstructions of railway lines, railway switches and island platforms, level crossings and foot-crossings, repair and maintenance of siding tracks and crane runways. We have built a good reputation in this sphere of activity. Thanks to its professional approach, the Company is successful in the tenders for the company Železnice Slovenskej republiky (Railways of the Slovak Republic) and other investors, including from abroad.

In the year 2001 we have been established successfully also in the field of recycling. We take an active part in works in the field of recycling the buildings materials and aggregates, and we carry out the sorting and crushing of aggregates, gravel-sand, sand, clay, concrete and bitumen building components. In the year 2004 we have enlarged our scope of business activity to exploit the building stone. We have launched the production and sale to the domestic and foreign trading partners after acquisition of right to exploit the andesite deposit in the Šiatorská Bukovinka opencast mine.

The company acts as an exclusive supplier of the railway switches and parts thereof of the Polish manufacturer KOLTRAM Sp. z. o. o. Zawadzkie on the Slovak market.

Our company has in its own possession the building machines, means of transport and small mechanization, which is used for our own need, as well as for needs of other entities. Thanks to the investments into the new technologies and modernization of machines and means of transport the company Rail and Transport Buildings, Ltd. maintains the high quality of its services offered.

In practice we take into consideration not only the quality of performed works, based on the company’s technical level, but also the positive relation to the environment and principles of safety at work. We would like to create a modern and dynamic firm from our company.

Provision of the certainty, reliability and maximum confidence of the customer, and building the long-term stable relations with our clients – we subordinate our thinking and proceedings to these principles at all sectors of our work. Goodwill of the company Rail and Transport Buildings, Ltd. is supported not only by the Investors’ long-standing confidence, but also the banks’ confidence, in which the company Rail and Transport Buildings has got a position of respectable client.

Ing. Milan Šimoňak General
Director of the company
Rail and Transport Buildings, Ltd.